Cahya Wisnu Ardi & Photography



16 thoughts on “Cahya Wisnu Ardi & Photography

  1. aku suka yang belalang sama yang air terjunnya Bum…. kesannya unik landscape nya dapet 🙂
    kalo yang lainnya menurutku kamu kurang dapet komposisinya Bum, hehehe
    tapi untuk ukuran ixus si kecil yang canggih itu … it does the best of itself 😀

  2. Hi, you were looking for comments on your photos.

    I have to say that you have some very good work here. I particularly like;
    Moon Eclipse
    The Trees Among The Teas
    The Boat Cross The Fog
    Red Sandals
    The Hand Of Twilight
    Ilalang Senja
    Muara Angke

    What makes these images stand out is mainly that the subject matter of the image is clearly defined. It is clear what you are photographing and you are drawing our attention to it.
    Compositions in all are generally good.
    Your control of lighting is where you could improve quickly and easily. A few of your shots look to be slightly overexposed. The use of an ND grad filter would be of great benefit to you also.
    Hope this is of use to you. I look forward to coming back and seeing more in the future.
    Best wishes;

  3. Iya, semua yang di sini ngambil sendiri, kalo langit bisa dibilang suka nggak suka, pokoknya kalo lagi dapat moment’nya ya diambil,hhe
    wah aku g punya akun flickr, cuma wordpress aja, hhe
    anak stan ya?
    salam kenal,

  4. apik ngik, sink awan mlh koyo piring terbang, ayo melu seminar fotografi nggon ku, pembicara Don Hasman n Ebbie Vebri Adrian, tgl 3 maret 2012,

    twitter @semnasfotografi

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