1/4 Fragment of My Holiday

This fucking long holiday drives me crazy. Nothing to do, yet the less my brain occupied, the easier it get depressed.

So, to fill this curse, everywhere I went, I brought my camera in me. Took some photos is kind of relaxing.

Found this little gecko in my bathroom ventilation, waiting for its prey.

Took this pic on my way back home from Klaten. There’s no time to set up the camera, so I just used my previous setting, yap quite good, even a little blur on the main object.

Took these pictures when I visited my broken legged brother, Tito, in a traditional hospital somewhere in Kulonprogo. In front of the hospital, that’s on the top of a mount, there were so many fine old coconut trees. Fortunately, there was an old man climbing up a desperately tall, I guess 30 metres, coconut tree. As I approached to buy some young coconuts, it turned out he just  picked the old one, so I didn’t buy. But, on the trunk, I saw a giant dotted gecko, I took some pics of it.

I don’t know what’s the name of this grass, it looks like cat-tails, backgrounded by black rain cloud.

You can see my other photos here.


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